L.A. Kennedy

Beyond the story

I’ve a little sister. A curious bug if ever, always asking me a multitude of questions during every phone call. Sometimes I know the answer. (What’s an amoeba? Oh a single cell organism found in wet environments.) Other times I’m left scratching my head and wanting to know the answer too. (Why does everyone respect sleeping time?)

If you are a writer, an aspiring author, you should be reading widely and often. It gives you ideas of what story elements work and what gets lost to the reader. That’s the common advice and it’s good advice to follow when you can.

However, when’s the last time you’ve questioned why you take the same route to work each day? How about why your neighbor insists on mowing their lawn at seven o’clock in the morning on Sundays? Do you control your pet or do they control you?

We tend to take for granted the wonders hidden within the everyday. We assume that it is the way that it is because it is. The possibility of alternative events and twisting fundamental rules can elude us.

The same thing can happen while you’re developing the story of your latest project. Here’s five questions you should ask about your story before sending your query letter.

Click on the link to read more:

5 Questions to Ask After Finishing Your First Draft — The Lapis Lounge

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