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Uppercase and Lowercase

The terms “uppercase” and “lowercase” come from the way in which print shops were organized hundreds of years ago. Individual pieces of metal type were kept in boxes called cases. The smaller letters, which were used most often, were kept in a lower case that was easier to reach.

Take Two: Writing a Screenplay Based on a True Story

Adapting a true story requires research, honesty, and sometimes, a little bending of the truth. Jeanne Veillette Bowerman shares tips on writing a screenplay based on a true story and the importance of finding the balance between fact and fiction. Jeanne Veillette Bowerman In theory, adapting a true story should be simple. The writer documents …

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What’s Missing in the Modern Romance Heroine

Cris Freese The alpha male is currently very much in the ascendant in romantic fiction—all you need to do is look at the proliferation of finely honed abs on Amazon’s Contemporary Romance Best Seller list for proof. From E. L. James’ Christian Grey to J. R. Ward’s Blind King and Jodi Ellen Malpas’ Jesse Ward, …

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The #1 Way to Bulletproof Your Story Idea and Logline to Make Sure It Sparks Interest in the Industry

Alex Bloom, founder of the Script Reader Pro screenplay consultancy, explains how to bulletproof your story idea and logline using one simple template. Alex Bloom The number one reason why most story ideas, loglines (and consequently scripts) fail is simply because the stakes aren’t high enough. In other words, it’s not clear enough what the …

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Relying on Perfect Conditions to Write

Writing Mistakes Writers Make: Relying on Perfect Conditions to Write Cassandra Lipp In 2019, a year that seems so-far away now, I’d organized my life into a neat routine. I worked Monday–Friday, looking forward to Saturday mornings when I’d head to my favorite coffee shop, order a big breakfast and a pot of tea, then …

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